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March 28, 2008

So yesterday I arrive at the library to start studying and my cellphone goes off like 10 times in the first 10 minutes that I’m there. Studying has become mildly tolerable of late, simply because I now have several friends that all have exams approaching, and consequently now have a cohort of people to turn to in moments of boredom. One of the text messages is from fantasy girls best friend/cousin.

It reads something along the lines of “gee, you’ve seemed really down lately, and I feel bad for you”. Basically this is the most insulting text message I’ve ever gotten.

You know what fantasy girls cousin? Fuck you! You think I want your fuck pity? What the fuck do i want with that bullshit? You think I care if you feel badly for me? You think I seem down lately? Where the fuck have you been for the last few months? I’ve been depressed out of my mind this entire year, I haven’t spoken to you in 2 months and all o the sudden you decide that I might be feeling glum? Fuck you.

You know what might help with that? How about not giving me shit advice when your cousin decided to shoot me down? How about not telling me to get over her and then setting her up with some guy? How about not treating me like a fucking joke? How about you bending over and letting me tear your asshole apart with my cock? How does that sound?

If your cousin isn’t in to good looking guys with good jobs who are nice and have giant cocks, there’s not much I can do to change that. You told me to get over her. So that’s what I’m fucking doing. I’m blogging, i went to see a shrink, i’m trying to study. You think this is easy? You think I don’t recognize the stupid fucking patters re: relationships that I create for mysllf? of course I do, and I don’t need your fucking pity. I don’t need you pretending you care, so you can go back to fantasy girl and the two of you can sit there and talk about how badly you feel for me while you laugh about how fantasy girl would never fuck me.

I’m moving on to bigger and better things.

Five Minutes Ago

Five minutes ago I picked up a hot fucking blonde in the lounge at work. She is teh hawtness !1!1!eleventy!1!

It honestly wasn’t even that hard. I asked her some stupid questions, smiled, made a dumb joke, pretended to be interested in what she was saying and got her email adress. I plan to have her sucking my cock by the end of next week.

I need a new nickname for this girl….to be determined.

The habs

So last night I was watching RDS and they were interviewing Carey Price. I haven’t seen the kid do any interviews before, and he looked absolutely painful. I’m sure he’ll grow into it eventually, but for a kid who’s won at every level he’s played at so far, and has achieved what he’s achieved thus far in the NHL, and will likely win the rookie of the year award, he’s alarmlingly bereft of cockiness. He needs a little Patrick Roy in him.

Speaking of Roy…yeah the fight his son got into was ridiculous. He should clearly be suspended for the remainder of the season. But the media’s reaction and criticism of Roy has been way out of line. They’re making him out to be a pseudo-pariah, and it’s quite frankly…ridiculous.

They’ve prosecuted him on circumstancial evidence. Maybe Roy told his son to go out and wail on the other goalie, maybe he told him to go and fight, then again maybe he didn’t. I find it comepletely ridiculous that that media has been lambasting Roy so fervently without any actual proof. Nobody is going to mistake Roy for a nice guy, he was a quintessential prima donna his entire career. There’s every indication that he’s going to continue to exhibit those characteristics for the remainder of his coaching/managerial career, but cut the guy some slack.

Even if he did tell his son to go out and fight, there’s likely little chance that he told his son to continue to wail on an opponent that had thrown out the white flag and wasn’t fighting back. Patrick Roy’s son was out of line, not Patrick Roy, and it would be nice to see the media address that issue with the same fervor and hyperbole with which they’ve condemned him. Instead this is just one more example of the media acting irresponsibly and fabricating a story so they gloat and sound of their own shrill voice.

5 more minutes later

I just picked up another woman at work. She works part time as a bartender and has a noise ring = guaranteed sex, good chance of anal.


I’m praying to get some sleep at work tonight, so that I can go to the library to study all day tomorrow. I’ve been having ridiculous amounts of gas lately. I’ve never farted this much in my entire life as far as I can remember. It might just be because my diet is complete and utter shit and I need to start eating things that are green again, or it might just be the stress from the impending exam. Ah well, see you fucker after the bump.