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Killing through Kindness

March 21, 2008



So as shitty as my life has been, I’d actually been feeling a little better over the last few days. I’ve actually been getting some hits on the blog site and feeling pretty good about that. (Although I suspect that most of those page views were accidental. Probably just people looking for stuff about the Raptors. As a result I will tagging every post the word “Raptors”).

Things were proceeding mostly according to plan with Fracturegirl and Cuckold girl. I had managed to do some actual studying instead of just pretending to study.

Then this morning everything went to shit again. Fantasy girl MSN’ed me out of the fucking blue. I’ve been deftly avoiding (aka hiding like a little girl) her since I found out she was fucking someone…that isn’t me.

She invites me over to her parent’s place for dinner next month. I politely decline, and then she starts talking about how she hasn’t seen me in such a long time and how we should go get sushi, and study together.

Yeah, let me tell how much that appeals to me. Listen I appreciate that she’s just trying to be nice, but she’s painfully oblivious to how infatuated I am with her and crushed I was when I found out she was seeing someone else. I’ve got the dent marks in my door to prove it.

Why the fuck would I want to spend an entire night with her and her perfect family, listening to them talk about fucking awesome her new boyfriend is? Honestly, can someone explain to me what the fuck she’s thinking? She’s not the type of person to throw shit like this in someone’s face. Can she honestly be this clueless? I mean she was clueless (or at least claims she was) about the fact that I was crushing on her. She was seemingly clueless about how devastated I was when she rejected me. Maybe she’s still clueless about how fucked I’ve been over the last few months because of her boyfriend.

This is a person that I would literally speak to everyday, hang out with several times a week, and that all has changed to the point where I have not spoken to her face to face in about 2 months, and while I don’t ignore I’ve limited my sentences to about 4 words each. How can she not tell that things are not healthy between us and that I have no interest in trying to be friends with her? Are women really that fucking stupid?

Here’s a list of things I would rather do than have to be subjected to sitting down to dinner with her family and her boyfriend and having to listen about how awesome their lives are for the entire night.

1. Pass a porcupine through my dick hole
2. Perform Neurosurgery…on myself
3. Root for the Leafs to win the cup
4. Admit the Tom Cruise is not gay
5. Be gangraped by the Cincinatti Bengals
6. Watch my parents having sex
7. Watch your parents having sex
8. Pour boiling hot honey all over my body, and then walk into beehive
9. Have one of my testicles put into a vice-grip, clamp the fucker and then have it served back to me as a delicious soup
10. You gethe point

I’d actually managed to stay weed-free for a couple of days, which considering how I’ve degenerated into a high-functioning drug addict over the last year is quite the accomplishment. The second she sent me those MSN messages, I felt like I had regressed to where I was a month ago. I’m right back to having obsessive thoughts, and not being able to concentrate, being unable to study, having to masturbate non-stop, and overall just feeling really shitty.

I really want to go smoke some weed, but I think that would just end up putting me back into that vicious cycle. So tomorrow when I get home, I’m going to take off for the library and try my best not to get high. Otherwise this shit is just going to keep repeating itself, I’ll end up as a drug-adled retard, and she’ll still be fucking someone…that isn’t me.

The Habs

The habs didn’t look very interested in the game saturday night. They were sloppy with the puck, and not making smart plays. In fairness they were playing an AHL team, so I can’t really blame them for coasting. The problem is if they try that type of shit against an NHL team, they are fucked. Fucked in the ass like Tom Cruise at a Scientology meeting. The playoff race is so tight right now , that the Habs could easily fall to 5th place. So taking a night off at this point in the season could cost them the home ice advantage, and with grand total of 7 months experience between the pipes leading them into the playoffs, the Habs are going to need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile multiple blogs are reporting that the Leafs and Habs had a tentative deal to send Sundin to Montreal for Chris Higgins, and the Habs first, second AND third round picks. That’s even more insane than the deal they were talking about TV this weekend!!!! There’s no way in fucking hell that Bob Gainey would give up Higgins and THREE draft picks for a month a half of Sundin. Never mind the fact that you’d potentially be setting up a Leafs dynasty for the next decade, who the fuck would even trade Higgins for Sundin – at this point in their careers – straight up?

That’s just beyond crazy. If that had happened I would have personally run Gainey’s traitorous ass down the 401 while screaming like John Goodman in the Big Lebowski “Do you see what happened to Pat Burns? Do you? Do you see what happens when you fuck the Montreal Canadiens in the ass?! Motherfucker!”

I’m choosing to believe that these retarded rumours are being started by the Leafs blowjob giving media horde, and that Monsieur Gainey is far too sharp to have ever made that trade.

I’m still upset about this. Godamnit that’s stupid.

The Next Great Depression

Oh yeah baby. I’m poor again. The depression is coming. Can u smeeeeeeeeell what the Bush is cooking?~


The Wire. Case Closed.

March 9, 2008

French Frog

Have a smoke and a drink a toke in memoriam of the best TV show there ever was; The Wire.

It all comes to an end tonight. The screener has apparently been out for a couple of days already, but even though I’ve been fanatical in my obsession about the wire, that piece of crucial information somehow managed to slip by me. It’s really kinda crazy that the best show on television is coming to an end, and nobody seems to notice. Although I guess that show has been so thoroughly ignored by the media throughout its run, that it is somehow appropriate that the show goes out without the usual media reach-around and hoopla that accompanied the end of other quality TV shows. Why a turd mcmuffin retard show like Family Guy gets prime real estate and advertising, while a show that is incredibly intelligent and provides critical social commentary (like the Wire) gets buried…well let’s just say if you’ve been watching the Wire you probably know that why things succeed has a lot more to do with politics and economics than about quality.

I guess there’s no room on the tube for intelligent, well-written shit on TV. Thank god for blogs, eh?

Couple of predictions for the end.

Mcnulty: Gonna get char-broiled. His behaviour over the first 3 seasons became proggressively more erratic and self-destructive. He burned more bridges, pissed off more people, fucked up his relationships more, and was drinking more. He managed to clean up his act slightly once Stringer got got, but unfortunately he’s just gone completely off the deep end this season. All you have to do is look at Bunk and Kima’s reaction to what he’s been doing all season. His tenuous grasp on reality has been severed. The fact that he has been fucking with crime scenes and inventing murders, clearly shows that he is no longer “good Po-Lice”. I think his career is over, and quite frankly there was speculation on some boards that he would suicide himself. I think that ending makes sense. If Mcnulty doesn’t have the police department then he doesn’t have anything. Like Freamon and Daniels have told him “The job won’t save you”.

The over all them to the season is always encapsulated in the first season of the first episode. This season the them was clearly “The bigger the lie, the more they believe”. Every character this season has trapped by their lies. Mcnulty and Freamon inventing a serial killer and a C.I. Templeton lying about…um…everything. The newspaper editors choosing to ignore obvious issues in the city to focus on the “dickensian” aspect. Chris Partlow hiding what Omar said from Marlo. Marlo lying to the co-op and to Prop Joe. Carcetti breaking his promise to Daniels, and breaking his promise to the public so that he can win the gubernatorial race. The only character I can think off that hasn’t been caught up in a lie so far this season is Bubbles.

Bubbles: It’s going to end poorly. We’ve seen Bubbles make recoveries before, albeit biefly, but this is the longest he’s ever been clean. The Wire is a novel, and foreshadowing is always present. That scene earlier this year, where Bubbles is walking down the street and the dope fiend recognized him. That scene was trying to show that the spectre of he needle always hangs over Bubbles shoulders. Bubbles is a dope fiend, he’ll die a dope fiend. There’s a small chance that Simon leaves Bubbles as the one character that finds redemption…but somehow I doubt it.

The Snitch: The source of teh the grand jury papers that were found on Prop Joe has yet to be revealed. Speculation is that Rhonda Pearlman is the leak, since she’s the one character on the show that has close ties to the court house. I think it’s very unlikely that she’s the leak. Pearlman has always been a straight character. She always follows chain of command, she’s never screwed anyone or shown any political ambition. She’s one of the most honest characters in the show, and for her to suddenly be exposed as leaking grand jury info to the street, would be a pretty big character inconsistency. Something Simon is exceedingly good at avoiding. Considering that almost every episode this year has had a cameo from a character from season’s past, I think a far more likely candidate is the Judge. The judge set up the wire tap in season one, is politically motivated and has shown no need to comply to ethical behaviour…and we haven’t seen him yet this season.

Freamon: Freamon is Mcnulty, only smarter. Both are obsessive, both consider themselves to be the smartest people in the room. Both decide to “fuck the bosses” when THEIR case was threatened. Lester ended up in the pawn shop, Mcnulty on the boat. Which is why Freamon was ok with Mcnulty creating the serial killer. They both have no problem bending the rules when it suits them, and justifying their behaviour afterwards. Freamon never touched a homeless body, and it’s unlikely Mcnulty will sell him out. The only place he can get fucked up is on the illegal wire, the fake C.I. and using Mcnulty’s CC numbers for his surveillance unit. He’ll probably get chewed out and sent back to the pawn shop once Major Crimes is shut down.

Herc: Still gonna be working Levy, driving a Benz, and hitting on Dozerman’s girl. Western district way!!!

Carver: My vote for the one character that makes it out unscathed. The change we’ve seen in Carver over the 5 seasons has been the most uplifting of any character on the show. From a knucklehead that forgets that suspects might be carrying an extra gun all the way to organizing and trying to save Hamsterdam, and to finally realizing the busting heads on the corner is not a solution. The scene in season 4 where Carver decides he doesn’t need to chase the car thiefs, because he already knows their names is one of my favorite. Carver will probably be promoted, he’s likely to turn into Bunny. A career cop who gets promoted because of the recognition that he is good police, but without any political connections to climb further up the ladder.

Kima: Probably not much. Bunk, Freamon or Mcnulty might chew her out for turning rat. Ultimately though even if you disagree with what she did, Kima would still feel justified. She might quit homicide though to be with the kid.

Daniels: He’s fucked. The info that Burrell passed to Nerese is ticking time bomb. That combined with the fact that his department just bankrupted the city looking for a non-existent serial killer. Carcetti is going to dump him faster than hot potato.

Rawls: Carcetti hates him. He’ll probably be an bystander of the politicians.

Carcetti: If there’s one thing the Wire preaches it’s that the system promotes failure. Carcetti has failed at every single one of his election promises. He killed Hamsterdam which would have solved the crime/drug problem. He killed the education initiative which would have cleaned up the corners. He killed major crimes which could have been on Marlo and the Co-op. Carcetti will win for governor on his <ahem> “record, kill the incumbent on the homeless issue and he’ll do it with the support of the Baltimore sun.

Clay Davis: The game is the game. Davis will keep on being a smooth talking con artist. He gets off Scott-fre.

Templeton: He’ll also get off free. He’ll win the pulitzer, and because he follows chain of command he’ll likely get off without repercussion as the editorial board will likely support him

Gus Haynes: His time at the paper is over. Perhaps he’ll go on to write a novel or a TV show. Who knows? 🙂

Marlo: Levy will get him out, maybe. Drug dealers don’t last very long in the wire. Every character we’ve seen on the street has short life span compared to non-street characters. This is just a reflection of society. If you play with drugs and guns, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to end up dead or in jail (Stringer, Avon, Omar, Snoop, Prop Joe, Weebay, stinkum, Deangelo, Bodie…sorry I’m still upset over Bodie). The list of dead thugs on the show is pretty extensive.If you decide to leave the life you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting out alive (Cutty, Namond). Since it’s pretty unlikely that Marlo is willing to go quietly…

1) Levy gets him out. He goes after Michael.

2) Partlow kills Marlo

3) Freamon lies about the C.I. They claim that the piece of paper that Bunk found in Omar’s hand proves that he was the C.I., had inside info on the functioning of Marlo’s organization and gave them the tip about the clocks. Marlo goes to jail. (which would be cool because we could create spinoff of show of Avon and Marlo in jail 😉

Partlow: Either gonna kill Marlo or going to jail, or going after Michael for killing snoop.

Duquan: The new bubbles. He has no connections to anyone in the city anymore. The preview for the ep shows Prezbo making a cameo. In all likelihood though, Dookie ends up on the street with a new heroin addiction. They’ve been hinting at it all season.

Michael: No idea how this is going to end for him. He’s been the most unpredictable character on the show. He seemed clearly headed towards being a thug, then discovered he didn’t have the heart for it, but he still managed to kill Snoop. When it comes down to it, Michael will do whatever he has to to protect himself. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take out Marlo.

The Greek: Business, always business.


So the habs beat up on the Steve Samkos’ future team. Somebody please explain to me HOW THE FUCK PATRICE BRISEBOIS IS ALLOWED ON THE ICE!!! I don’t care if he scored a goal. He’s one of the worst hockey players I’ve seen in my entire life. He’s a lazy fuck. He makes the players around him worse. He takes no personal responsibility on the ice, he can’t play defense and he can’t shoot. He’s a bad influence in the locker room, and I don’t want him around any of the young habs. He has no problem losing, and that’s not an attitude I want to see out of this team. I want Carey Price to imbued with the Spirit of St. Patrick. I want him to take every goal he lets in personally. I want him to make Sidney Crosby his bitch.

Please for the love of god, will someone please take the Breezer out.

How bad were the Habs in the 90’s? Patrice “Breeze-by” Brisebois and Andre “Red-light” Racicot were on the same team. I’m not even making up those nicknames. Those are their actual nicknames.

I love Bob Gainey. He makes excellent moves, refuses to cave into giving up to much to players and other GM’s, but he also does weird inexplicable things. Like trading Huet for what will be a worthless second round pick, trading Rivet for a worthless pick, or signing Brisebois. Sometimes I get the feeling the Gainey is being a nice guy and just throws out a favour to friends every once in awhile. I was pretty sure that Brisebois signing with this team during the summer was a sign of the apocalypse. The Breezer manged to fuck up the first quarter of the season before Carbo had enough sense to sit his malignant fucking ass on the bench.

The Chick Situation

Still no contact with dreamgirl. I was feeling moderately better about the whole thing until last night, when I was home studying and I’m pretty sure she was sucking some guys’ cock. How does one become a stalker? Is that something that turns out well? Where does one obtain information on how to stalk effectively? Shouldn’t there be a FAQ or something? The amount of will-power I have to dedicate to not checking her MSN online status or Facebook updates is just ridiculous. I think at this point I’ve exerted way more energy trying to avoid her than I would have had I just been stalking her like a normal rejected loser.

On the plus side I got messages from 2 different girls that I had hooked up with earlier this year. Both of which I never managed to seal the deal with, and didn’t have the energy to chase (dreamgirl’s got me so fucked up that not only am I not getting to fuck her, she stops me from wanting to fuck other chicks. How fucked up is that?

Anyways, girl #1 aka UnitGirl, sent me a text message on fri when she found out that I was in the building where she works. Unfortunately I was in a class, and couldn’t make it out to see her. Even more unfortunate, I don’t think I’ve got enough time at the moment to chase her down.

Girl #2 aka Fashionista, sent me a message out of the blue to see what was up. I think she thinks I might have been playing hard to get, so she’s become interested again, or lonely. Who the fuck knows. I think the second I move to ask her out on a date, she’ll bolt. So I might just suggest coffee or breakfast…something benign and non-threatening.

This of course is complicated by by the imminent return of girl #3 aka FractureGirl from parts unkown today. One date into it so far. She’s got a smoking body, but we haven’t broached the subject of age yet. I’m waiting to see her naked before I bring that up. Once she finds out about the age discrepancy…this should pretty much be over.

Which brings us to girl #4, aka CuckoldGirl. She finally broke up with the boyfriend. I get the feeling that she expects me to ask her out and for us to start dating. I’m not really sure what to do with that?

On that note I guess I should probably get back to work. Fuck you!@!