No, that’s not the number of times I jerked off today (yet). That’s my second post of the day. Why? Fuck you, that’s why.

I thought the blogging would make me feel a bit better. Nope. I still feel like Dreamgirl ripped my hear out, threw it to the ground, kicked me in the balls and laughed in my face about how she would never date someone like me.


Let’s be fair though. Even though she’s ridiculously hot, has an ass you could bounce a quarter of off and perfect blowjob lips, she’s probably terrible in bed. I’m pretty sure she’s the type of woman that lies there in bed like a fish getting fucked, checking her watch every couple of minutes to see if it’d done yet. I mean i’ve never met anyone so disinterested in sex…or maybe it was just sex with me. Well there’s a happy thought.

The scary thing about all this to me is that I’ve been avoiding dreamgirl for the last few weeks. I couldn’t cope with the rejection anymore. But she kept acting like everything was cool, and we were still friends (even though I’ve been a moody, depressed unpleasant fuck since she shot me down. So she keeps sending me this little invitations to come have sushi with her, or study together or some other bullshit that will not result in her taking her clothes off. The thing that really scares me though, is once she clues in, and those invitations stop coming.

That’ll suck. At least now I’m a rejected loser, who she keeps around as a pity friend. When that happens I’ll just be a rejected loser.

On a completely unrelated note, I was waiting in line today to do some bullshit registration thing at work. This chick comes up to the counter to get registered while I was waiting. Anyways, I get a good look at her, but she doesn’t see me cuz i’m sitting behind her. For the love of God I cannot remember her name. We went out a couple of times, we fooled around, and then one of us pulled the vanishing act (I think i’m the guilty party there, but since I can’t remember I’m distributing the blame evenly. It’s only fair). A

So what to do? I fooled around with her a couple of times, but have absolutely no recollection of her name. Should I have gone over, said hello, seen what was up? I have no idea. In my current state of rejection however (fuck you dreamgirl), I just grabbed my ID and slinked away. Felt kinda cowardly, but I really didn’t want anything to do with her at this point, or for her to see how miserable I am.


I’ve got a bad feeling about this West Coast trip. The Habs are usually shit when they head south. The spend too much time trying to put their dicks to score, and not enough scoring on the ice. I think this is the make or break trip for my boys, but I’m expecting to see Price pulled from the middle of a game at least once on this trip.

The only hope I’m holding out is that somehow the team leaves for the trip without Brisebois. I’d love to rant about how much the Breezer sucks but I don’t have enough hatred in my heart right now for Dreamgirl and the Breezer.


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